Most people take out life assurance to provide financial security for their families, and alleviate any financial worries in the event of death or even a critical illness.  Having this cover in place protects your family, at what is already a difficult time and is a key part of financial planning.
There are several ways to arrange protection but Term Assurance is popular and can provide a cost-effective method of protection.  

Level Term Assurance  pays a specified lump sum in the event of death and / or critical illness at any time during the specified term of the policy. The benefit is paid tax free and premiums are usually monthly, and fixed throughout the term.  
Decreasing Term Assurance  is similar to Level Term Assurance, but the payment on death and / or critical illness gradually decreases over the term of the policy.  This can therefore be used as cover for a repayment mortgage, or other loans where the amount of capital outstanding also decreases over time.  

Family Income Benefit  differs from traditional policies that pay out a lump sum, in that it provides beneficiaries with a regular, fixed, tax-free income in the event of death and / or critical illness, until the end of the term of the policy.  

Critical Illness Insurance  is usually available as an addition to all term assurance plans but can also be arranged on a stand-alone basis. It provides you with a lump sum benefit / income in the event of diagnosis of certain critical illnesses or total and permanent disability. The illnesses covered will be specified in the policy, along with any exclusions and limitations. 
Working with us allows you to make appropriate decisions now, which will help to ensure:
* You are in control of your financial arrangements
* Your family can maintain your desired lifestyle
* You and your spouse/partner never run out of money, even in scenarios such as poor health
* You manage risks proactively

Working with us means that you’ll always benefit from informed advice, backed up by up-to-date financial intelligence, and years of practical experience dealing with health professionals.

Remember, if your objectives or capacity for potential losses change, for any reason, let us know immediately.

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