Here at Medical and Dental Financial Planning Services we are focused on helping our clients to enjoy financial security throughout a long and active life.

Health and fitness are central to achieving that goal, enabling everyone to enjoy all the things that matter most to them, long into their retirement.

That’s why our CSR programme is focused on support for local clubs that promote an active lifestyle.

  • How far?
    How far?

    Last year we perhaps took this to an extreme, being participants in The Archie’s Foundation Mountain Challenge and proud sponsors the commemorative book, with a foreword by Mark Beaumont.


    The ARCHIE Foundation was formed in 2000, in Aberdeen, in order to fund the building of Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. Now, it is also the official charity of Tayside Children’s Hospital at Ninewells, Dundee,* where Archie’s is currently raising £2 million for a new twin operating theatre suite. It will transform the experience of having an operation for thousands of local children.

  • The Challenge
    The Challenge

    There are 130 ‘Archie’ peaks in Scotland. These are mountains rising more than 1000m, with a 100m drop on all sides. (There are only 4 others in the rest of the UK).


    Our own David Henderson joined 56 others in undertaking the Challenge in 2017, which took 15 days, 9 hours and 6 minutes to complete. Participants also walked, ran, cycled or kayaked between each peak.


    The Challenge started and finished at sea level and crossed Scotland, starting by Dingwall, and finishing at Arrochar, beside the Rest and Be Thankful, appropriately! 


    The cumulative ascent was 85,529m, which is roughly 10 times the height of Everest!

    Perhaps not surprisingly, the Challenge has yet to be repeated, and the 2017 team’s record still stands!

  • Active Lifestyle
    Active Lifestyle

    MDFPS have also been supporters of the Carse of Gowrie Velo Cycle Club for many years, which itself is a proud supporter of Archie’s.

  • In times of trouble
    In times of trouble

    For anyone affected by cancer, Maggie’s Centres provide amazing support from 21 centres, including one in Dundee.


    This summer, for three months, the streets of the City of Discovery became home to a trail of individually designed giant penguins, and we were delighted to support the Penguin Parade through Dundee Chamber of Commerce.


    We are continuing our support of Archie’s, looking forward to the Archie’s Dinner in 2019. And this Christmas we will continue to support the Dundee Foodbank and Save the Children


    * Archie is also the official charity of the Highland Children’s Unit at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.