Achieving a broad portfolio of individual investments is typically beyond the means of an average investor, which makes it harder to offset risk, spread costs or increase your purchasing power by trading shares in large volumes.
But by clubbing your assets together with other investors in an investment fund, an independent wealth manager can provide a professional service that features benefits you might value.
The fund’s professional investment manager will choose the mix of stocks, shares and other assets to invests in, proactively, to help leverage the investment’s return.
If you are looking to invest in either a pension, an investment bond or a New Individual Savings Account (NISA), an investment fund is therefore one option worth considering.
Rather than you choosing to buy, hold or sell individual investments, the fund manager uses their expertise to make suitable investments day-to-day, in order to hopefully grow the value of the pooled fund over time.
When you are investing alone, you may have limited time to study the appropriate market information, even if your interest is strong.
Diversification and Risk 

Any investment also carries some element of risk. The value of the fund can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back the full amount you originally invest.
Working on the premise that holding two different shares is better than holding twice the value of a single share, an investment manager usually practices some level of 'diversification’, to spread and mitigate risks.
This works because all shares react differently to investment conditions. 
Imagine there are only two companies: one making t-shirts and one woolly jumpers. If the weather forecast is for sunshine, then investors would be wise to buy shares only in the t-shirt company, as they can expect sales to rise, and its share price to increase as a result. However, we all know it’s never sunny all the time.
A good fund manager will therefore use some of the fund’s capital to buy shares in the other company too. Then, whatever the weather, the investor will still be make a return from one investment.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise.
You may get back less than you originally invested.

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