The one thing you can be certain of, in both your personal and professional life, is that something unexpected will happen, at some point. 

Usually, we can expect it to happen just when it is most inconvenient, at best, and at worst – well it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

Except that it does.

To ensure you have the best opportunity to ride out the storm, and to leave your colleagues and family secure should the worst happen, you need to think about the worst case scenario; and put together a plan to mitigate the risk of these financial shocks.

Managing risk 

There are four elements to minimise risk that we will reflect in any investment plan we prepare with you:

  • Risk avoidance   
  • Risk reduction    
  • Risk transfer       
  • Risk acceptance 

Our primary function is to help you create a financial plan that addresses your aspirations and goals, and to implement it over time – as robust financial planning is not a one stop exercise. By doing so, you can make appropriate decisions now, which will help ensure the following: 

Professional life

  • You are financially well organised 
  • You control your financial arrangements so that you are aware of your current and likely future financial position
  • Even in ‘catastrophe’ scenarios, such as poor health, always having sufficient realisable capital and cash flow. 

Personal life

  • You retain financial independence for your chosen lifestyle
  • You provide financial security for your family
  • You and your spouse/partner never run out of money.

In this section we review in more detail how you can set up appropriate protection for:

  • Your business
  • Your personal income
  • Your family’s security in the event of your death

We can help you create a plan of action that works to protect your long-term financial aspirations and goals.

Remember, if your objectives or capacity for loss change, for any reason, let us know immediately.

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