• Inheritance Tax
    Inheritance Tax is a tax on your estate  – the total value of your property, money and possessions – which becomes payable if, when you die, your estate’s total value is more than the Inheritance Tax threshold currently in force.
  • Probate
    Probate is the process of administering your estate. It is the responsibility of the Executors you appoint in your Will to administer your Estate from the moment you die; consequently, there is more to this role than many people realise, and there are some very important initial duties.
  • Trusts
    If when you die you have not made specific provision for your children’s financial future, then the inheritance for any child under the age of 18 is held under a legal trust for their benefit. However, this is a complex and expensive legal procedure, as it involves an application to the courts to allow for the trust to be established.
  • Wills
    Here at Medical + Dental Financial Planning Services, our primary function is to enable you to achieve your aspirations and goals, initially by helping you establish the right financial foundation for your circumstances throughout your professional career and through retirement.
  • Power of Attorney
    As healthcare professionals, no-one understands better that the one thing we can all be certain of, in both our personal and professional lives, is that something unexpected will happen… at some point.
  • Cisi
  • Institute of Financial Services
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