Multi-asset class investing reduces risk by spreading money across stocks, bonds or other assets. This is beneficial, as no asset class has outperformed all others during every period of time.
Some investment funds offer the option to invest in several types of stock within the same vehicle, and target date funds allow you to change the allocation of your holding depending on the time horizon you have in mind before you plan to realise some or all of the capital. So at the outset, a younger investor might opt for the potential of higher returns through more speculative – or risky – assets, shifting to hold bonds or other more secure investments as they get closer to their planned retirement date.
SIPPs (self-invested personal pensions) allow for an individual to select a wide range of investments that are unique to them, to reflect their personal circumstances and appetite for risk, and to hold these investments under the single SSIP wrapper. You and/or your advisers then control all the investment choices made, not a professional fund manager. You might find a SIPP attractive if you already have some level of sophistication when it comes to investment decisions.
Small Self-administered pension Schemes (SSAS) also offer you greater flexibility in how their Trustees can invest the scheme’s assets. They can borrow money, subject to terms and conditions, and some company’s use them to purchase their own trading premises as a long-term investment. Unlike SIPPs, SSAS are run by a number of Trustees, not an individual.
There can be significant tax implications with Multi-Asset Investments, depending on the individual assets selected. If you are interested in SIPPs, or any other specific multi-asset product, we can provide full details at your next review; and make a recommendation as to whether or not a specific product is beneficial for you, based on your individual circumstances.
Contact us before making any decisions. We will always explain the risk of any potential investment in detail.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise.
You may get back less than you originally invested.

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